Gazpromneft Hydraulic HLP

Gazpromneft Hydraulic HLP

Developed specially for use in hydraulic systems of machines, heavy presses and other modern foreign and domestic equipment which demand use of high-quality doped oils. Use of Gazpromneft Hydraulic HLP oils allows to lower expenses for technical maintenance and repair of hydraulic system’s units.
  • Īpašības

    • Wear protection The resource of work of the equipment increases thanks to the use of highly effective wearproof package of additives. The oils are applied in pumps that require high antiwear properties, i.e. in gear, paddle, radial and axle-piston pumps. Chemical adsorption of additives on the surface of metals prevents contact of metal to metal. This property is preserved even at heat.
    • Stability to oxidation No lacquer is formed on the surface of tanks that provides the possibility of usage at stronger heats.
    • Thermal stability At elevated temperatures oils do not decay and do not form adjournment and sludge that raises reliability and cleanliness of system. Thus the invariance of oil chemical composition is guaranteed during the whole timeframe of work.
    • Hydrolytic stability The capacity of oils not to form acids at presence of water prevents corrosion and rust. Thus excellent corrosion characteristics of yellow metals even at presence of water are provided.
    • High demulsifying and antifoam properties Stimulate fast separation of water and destruction of foam that excludes an increase of compressibility of oil, deterioration of its greasing and cooling capacity. Allow to reduce the sizes of oil collectors and cycle time. High demulsifying capacity also allows oils to work properly at presence of a small amount of water (to be dissolved) and to separate water at its greater quantities. Accordingly, antifoam agents suppress formation of foam at any temperature influencing a superficial tension of air bubbles and cause the destruction of foam.
    • Filterability. Owing to stability to oxidation and chemical stability additives do not enter reactions and do not form chemical compounds that may cause hammers in filters. Thus, service life of filters increases. Excellent filterability is confirmed by test for 1, 2 micron membrane in accord with Pall method.
    • Compatibility. The oils are compatible with various metals and are efficient in the majority of hydropumps. They are also compatible with elastomers that increases the reliability of systems and provides leakage decrease. The conducted researches on compatibility of the Gazpromneft Hydraulic HLP oils with the oils of leading world manufacturers of lubricants confirm a possibility of their mixture or replacement. Moreover, quality indicators such as: viscosity, allocation of air, filterability and physical appearance – are not compromised.
    • Adequate viscosity-temperature properties. Reliable work of hydrosystem at a required interval of temperatures is provided.
  • Lietošana

    Hydraulic systems of the machining facilities (for example: injection-molding machines, press, manipulators, machine tools, robots, forming cars for plastic). Mining and oil extraction equipment, bridges and lock-gates, rescue equipment. Mobile equipment (for example: excavators, cranes, building equipment, road transport, agricultural machinery). Hydraulic oils may have a special application (in systems of in-process measurement, flight simulators, test beds, wind turbines).

  • Specifikācijas

    Denison HF0, HF1, HF2 MAG P-68 (ISО 32); MAG Р-70 (ISО 46); MAG Р-69 (ISО 68); Eaton Vickers 35VQ25; Bosch Rexroth 90220; Beltramelli; ENGEL (ISО 46); DIN 51524 Part 2; ISO 11158; Bаttenfeld (ISО 46)

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