G-Profi PSN 40

G-Profi PSN 40

High-quality low-ash oil for modern stationary gas reciprocating engines produced from high VI base oils in combination with special additive system. The oil features good performance characteristics: sludge prevention, resistance to wear, weld, oxidation and nitration of oil.
  • Īpašības

    • Versatility The oil is suitable for use in engines using different types of gas (natural gas, petroleum gas and biogas).
    • Detergent and acid-neutralizing properties Excellent detergent and neutralization properties ensure maximum engine cleanliness and reliable protection against deposit formation throughout the oil change interval. This contributes to extend engine life.
    • Compatibility Low ash and phosphorus content provides compatibility with modern catalytic exhaust systems.
    • Oil oxidation and nitration High thermal stability base oils along with effective additive system prevent oxidation and nitration of the product. This helps prolong oil drain intervals and reduce downtime.
  • Lietošana

    Stationary gas engines, including those installed in cogeneration plants, and turbocharged gas engines subjected to severe conditions. The product is suitable for engines fuelled with different types of gas (natural gas, petroleum gas and biogas - when using LFG or some other types of special gases, the technical advice is required). It is compatible with catalytic exhaust systems (prevents catalyst poisoning).

  • Specifikācijas

    API CD; Jenbacher 1000-1109; MWM; Caterpillar; Waukesha

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