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G-Profi MSJ 15W-40
  • G-Profi MSJ 15W-40

    G-Profi MSJ 15W-40 oil designed to protect high-powered diesel engines of buses, heavy construction and specialty vehicles. The product is recommended for use in engines (up to Euro 5 emission control standards).

    • Īpašības

      • Engine parts cleanness. Usage of base oils having high thermal stability and modern highly efficient set of additives prevents formation of high temperature deposits that ensures engine parts cleanliness and improves engine reliability.
      • Low SAPS. Due to the reduced content of sulphur, sulphated ash and phosphor allows for reliable protection of emission control systems and their efficient trouble-free operation.
      • High Wear Protection Contains highly performance anti-wear additives that ensure sustainable engine anti-wear protection and protect engine surfaces from polishing.
    • Lietošana

      • diesel engines meeting up to Euro-5 ecological requirements installed on commercial transport, buses, construction and specialized vehicles;
      • diesel engines installed on the European, American and Asian vehicles requiring usage of API CJ-4 or ACEA E9 quality oil and the corresponding viscosity grade;
      • gasoline engines requiring API SN quality oil or earlier specifications and the corresponding viscosity grade.
    • Specifikācijas

      G-Profi MSJ 10W-30: API CJ-4/SN; MB 228.31; Cummins CES 20081; MAN М3575; Volvo VDS-4, Renault Trucks VI RLD-3, Mack EO-O PP

      G-Profi MSJ 10W-30, G-Profi MSJ 15W-40: ACEA E9, E7-04; MTU Type 2.1; Caterpillar ECF-3/ ECF-2/ ECF-1a; Deutz DQC-III-10LA; API CJ-4 / CI-4+/ CI-4 (only for G-Profi MSJ 15W-40); API SN / SM (only for G-Profi MSJ 15W-40); MB 228.31 (only for G-Profi MSJ 15W-40); MAN M3575 (only for G-Profi MSJ 15W-40); Cummins CES 20081 (only for G-Profi MSJ 15W-40); Volvo VDS-4 (only for G-Profi MSJ 15W-40); Renault Trucks RLD-3 (only for G-Profi MSJ 15W-40); Mack EO-O Premium Plus (only for G-Profi MSJ 15W-40); Detroit Diesel DDC 93K218 (only for G-Profi MSJ 15W-40).

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