G-Energy Grease L Moly EP 2

G-Energy Grease L Moly EP 2

Multi-purpose lithium soap based grease intended for lubricating constant velocity joints and other friction components of cars and trucks subjected to heavy loads.
  • Īpašības

    • Excellent lubrication performance in severe operating conditions thanks to EP-additives and molybdenum disulfide
    • Very good surface protection also when insufficient quantity of grease is used or when work environment is particularly dirty thanks to molybdenum disulfide
    • Excellent wear and lock protection
    • Extension of lubricated components service life in a wide temperature range, from – 30°C up to +120°C with short peaks up to +150°C
    • Very high water wash-out resistance, preventing rust and corrosion
  • Lietošana

    • Constant-velocity universal ball joints (CV joints)
    • Cardan shaft
    • Bolsters
  • Specifikācijas

    DIN 51502 KPF 2 K-30

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