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G-Energy Grease L EP 2

G-Energy Grease L EP 2

Multi-purpose lithium soap based grease designed for lubrication of low-duty friction parts of cars and trucks.
  • Īpašības

    • Excellent performance in a wide range of application and temperatures, from -30°C up to +120°C with short peaks up to +150°C
    • Good protection of lubricated parts from all kinds of wear due to effective extreme pressure additives
    • Good resistance to oxidation, corrosion and water washout
    • Excellent pumpability in a wide range of temperatures
  • Lietošana

    • Water pump bearings
    • Generator bearings
    • Flapper control wires
    • Spring shackles
    • Steering and transmission joints
    • Door hinges and other general friction units
    • For constant-velocity universal joints we recommend G-Energy Grease L Moly EP 2
    • For wheel bearings we recommend G-Energy Grease LX EP 2
  • Specifikācijas

    DIN 51502 KP 2 K-30

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